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Available Commercial Properties Database

Currently Under Construction

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Los Alamos County has a variety of properties currently available for lease or purchase, including developable land. This includes properties in Los Alamos townsite as well as neighboring White Rock, a 15-minute drive from town.


Properties for sale or lease, and currently located within the MainStreet districts of Los Alamos or White Rock, are also noted below: 

Los Alamos Downtown


919 Central Ave., Los Alamos


927 Central Ave., Los Alamos

2551 Central Ave., Los Alamos

8,654 sq ft, ground floor (plus common space). Contact Pete at Pete AT

1615 Central Ave., Los Alamos

Second floor office ranging from 278 sq ft up to 2,100 sq ft. Contact Lance: lance AT

1460 Trinity Dr #1

1600 sq ft  

1650 Trinity, Los Alamos

10,400 sq ft available on the 2nd floor 

Contact Lance: lance AT

2101 Trinity, Los Alamos

500-600 sq ft  

Contact Hau: haubiology AT

1735 Central Ave., Los Alamos

24k sq ft, multi-story office and retail. Contact Pete at Pete AT

751 Trinity Dr. - Trinity Place - Outlet 2

33.106 sq ft 

751 Trinity Dr. - Trinity Place - Outlet 3

43,124 sq ft 

751 Trinity Dr. - Trinity Place - Ste. 5

1,150 sq ft 

751 Trinity Dr. - Trinity Place - Ste. 6

1,150 sq ft 

White Rock Downtown - Designated Metropolitan Redevelopment Area. Learn more here.


124 Longview, White Rock

2,244 sq ft restaurant space

132 St. Rd 4, White Rock

Outside Downtown

1377 Diamond Drive, Los Alamos

5,000 sq ft


3500 Trinity, Los Alamos

576 sq ft office/medical

Call Columbus Capital, 505-992-3555

For Questions

Jacquelyn Connolly

Director, Los Alamos MainStreet, 505-661-4844


Lauren McDaniel

Executive Director, Los Alamos Commerce & Development Corporation, 505-661-4854

Daniel Ungerleider

Los Alamos County Economic Development Administrator, Community Development Department, 505-662-8296

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