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More People Downtown More of the Time

Los Alamos MainStreet is an award winning district in the state of New Mexico. Los Alamos is a unique town, established over 70 years ago as a secret city during World War II. Los Alamos MainStreet (LAMS) focuses on this connection to history and science, facilitates community events, and supports the local business community that contributes to the vitality of downtown. LAMS provides locals and visitors a special place to gather, relax and enjoy the history and beauty of Los Alamos making it a great place to live, work, play & visit.


Our 4-Point Approach


The Los Alamos MainStreet program promotes a community-driven process that brings stakeholders from all sectors together, inviting them to be proactive participants in the revitalization process. Collaboration is needed to identify key strategies, known as Transformation Strategies, that provide a clear sense of priorities and direction for revitalization efforts. These strategies align with the four key areas Main Streets have been using as a guiding framework for more than 35 years: Organization, Promotion, Design, and Economic Vitality. Los Alamos MainStreet uses The Main Street Four-Point Approach® as the foundation for developing transformative economic development.




Economic Restructuring

Establishing consensus and cooperation among the various groups that have a stake in the downtown district.

Communicating our downtown’s unique characteristics, traditions, and history to shoppers, potential business and visitors.

Instilling good maintenance practices in the downtown, enhancing the district’s physical appearance.

Building  a commercial district that responds to the needs of today’s consumers while preserving historic character.


As a Main Street America™ Accredited program, Los Alamos MainStreet is a recognized leading program among the national network of more than 1,200 neighborhoods and communities who share both a commitment to creating high-quality places and to building stronger communities through preservation-based economic development. All Main Street America™ Accredited programs meet a set of National Accreditation Standards of Performance as outlined by Main Street America.


Since 1985, New Mexico MainStreet has been a powerful force for revitalization of communities across the state. Combining historic preservation with asset-based economic development, New Mexico MainStreet works with local affiliates and partners to re-build resilient Main Streets as the foundation for healthy communities.


The economic impact of being in the MainStreet, Creative and Historic Districts helps us with increasing our economic impact. The grants received from MainStreet have helped us make our money go farther, and have greater economic impact (more people in downtown area due to our events).

Micheline Devaurs

Retired, Former Board of Directors, President,

Los Alamos Beer Cooperative


“Los Alamos Main Street has been a key driver for improving the appearance, and therefore the business climate in downtown Los Alamos, and my business had been a direct beneficiary of their efforts.”

David Jolly

Past President, Los Alamos MainStreet Futures 


Los Alamos MainStreet (LAMS) is a results-driven organization with an impressive track record of achievements and community impact. It’s an active participant in our business community and it champions initiatives that are important to businesses and citizens.

Susan O'Leary

Former County Council Vice Chair, Los Alamos County


The town of Los Alamos, New Mexico can boast of global, historical significance.  Ms. Fox has recognized and promoted that fact in her advocacy for Los Alamos and its citizens and businesses. Los Alamos has always been an “international” town with our significant population of citizens from around the world. However, with the increased success of the MainStreet program—through advertising, increased visitor traffic and economic development, the caliber of our town as a tourist destination has been recognized statewide and even nationwide.

Stephanie Garcia Richard

New Mexico Commissioner of Public Lands

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