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Enabled by the funding support of Los Alamos County

Los Alamos MainStreet Grant Programs

Los Alamos MainStreet offers grant programs that support businesses in the Los Alamos MainStreet district. A Small Projects Grant program provides funding for events and promotional projects that happen in the downtown district. Los Alamos MainStreet grant programs are enabled by the funding support of Los Alamos County.


Small Projects Grants

The Los Alamos MainStreet Program is accepting applications for assistance with sponsorship of events or projects to be held in downtown Los Alamos. If the event or activity for which you’re applying won’t reside in the MainStreet district (Los Alamos or White Rock) you must indicate a specific and tangible plan to drive visitors/event participants to the downtown(s) area and document the results in the Final Report due to Los Alamos MainStreet.

There is approximately $10,000 annually to offer in grants for organizations, businesses and clubs. This money is to be used for marketing of an event or sale, to include but not limited to print materials (flyers, t-shirts, banners, etc), radio, social media advertising, promotional items, and television. Other promotional material opportunities could be accepted by special request. This grant is a matching grant for the marketing, not the entire event, sale, or special occasion cost. You may apply for a match waiver, courtesy of Enterprise Bank & Trust. 

Applications for funding of $1,000 or less will accepted.

Proposed events and activities should make sure to adhere to current COVID-Safe Practices, as outlined by the state.

We are so thankful for the assistance Los Alamos MainStreet has given us to spruce up our front area and make it friendly and eye appealing. We are so grateful.

Diana Martinez

Senior Program Director, 

The Family YMCA

I so appreciate the grant for my new business sign given by MainStreet. The sign looks great and I have received many positive comments.

Dr. Merry McIntyre


Reunion Chiropractic